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To help you deliver world-class eLearning and optimize your training budget so you can allocate more time and resources to support your business. 

We design engaging and effective eLearning for the Restaurant and Hotel Industry.

We produce off-the-shelf courses and videos, custom eLearning, and a FREE masterclass series.

We focus on the learner experience so your managers and team members enjoy learning!❤️‍🔥


55 microlearning courses, 627 videos, 182 templates

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We offer course customization options to support your brand and culture. 

Microlearning courses, videos, and animations can each be deployed separately as learning assets.

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Tammy Olson
Global Curriculum & Training

"One of the things that I so appreciate about working with Restaurant Playbooks is that I never feel like you're recycling or regurgitating something from another client and trying to fit it into what we want to do.

You have a thoughtful way of really looking at what we need and what would work in our environment and with our population.  You're able to get us aligned on a concept and moving on that, and that's not always easy to do with this group.  So kudos for your management style.

Plus you're just easy and fun to work with, so that's a bonus".

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Let's do more than talk, LET'S DONATE!

Mental Health and Addiction are a clear and present danger for many front-line workers, and should not have a stigma attached to them. When an individual has decided they could use some help, it's critical that they can quickly get the support they need.  We donate a percentage of revenue to CHOWCO.ORG. Check them out, they are doing important work.


About Us

We are a virtual team of Restaurant Ops and Learning & Development pro's with extensive experience developing and implementing eLearning solutions that deliver measurable business results. We have immense respect for restaurant and hotel operators, managers, and team members that strive to deliver outstanding food, service, and hospitality.

Our Services

We develop training videos, microlearning, and games to help restaurant and hotel operators win the war for talent and attract, develop, and retain Hospitality All-Stars.

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