Bottleneck Management

> Bottleneck Management Group, Chicago, IL

> Multi-concept franchise and owned FSR's

> 16 locations

> Audience: managers, FOH team, new hires

OTS microlearning implementation 1: Keeping employees and guests safe during the pandemic

Bottleneck's 16 restaurant locations spanned multiple states, some stayed open, and others had to close for extended periods.

To help keep their employees and guests safe, Leanne selected our Safe Service Playbooks series of 7 microlearning courses.

The courses were used to train over 1,500 employees.  Based on surveys deployed in their LMS, manager and team survey feedback on the courses was 4.69 out of 5.

OTS microlearning implementation 2: Deliver authentic hospitality

Bottleneck's restaurant managers and teams were affected by the pandemic in different ways.  This caused multiple staffing challenges:

  • FOH team members returning to work after an extended furlough
  • Long-term team members left the company/industry
  • New hires, with no work/hospitality experience

In order to ensure guests experienced the level of service and hospitality they were accustomed to pre-pandemic, Leanne began exploring guest service training program options.

After an evaluation process, Leanne chose our FOH Sales Playbooks for Managers and Team Members.

The courses were chosen for 3 key reasons:
  • The content focus on delivering authentic hospitality closely matched the Bottleneck culture and values
  • The instructional and media design quality
  • Employee engagement and feedback on the Safe Service courses
The audience

FOH managers and team members

The solution
  • FOH Sales Playbook series
  • 6 microlearning modules
  • Online sales impact planning tool
The results

Leanne left Bottleneck for a new opportunity so the program has been put on hold until permanent training leadership is established.

Leanne Farley
Leanne Farley
VP Training & Development
Bottleneck Management

"We started using Restaurant Playbooks COVID Safe Service courses in June 2020. The courses are short, engaging, and work great on mobile. We surveyed managers and team members, and the NPS score for the courses is 4.85.

Bob and the Restaurant Playbooks team are great partners. They really care about our success. We are now implementing the FOH Sales Playbook for Managers course and will be rolling out the course for team members."