Dairy Queen

> ADQ, Minneapolis, MN

> Top 10 global QSR

> 4,300 U.S. / 7,000 world-wide locations

> Audience: owners, managers, shift leaders, crew members

Project 1: Soft Serve Machine Maintenance

Dairy Queen’s signature products revolve around the consistent, high-quality production of soft-serve ice cream.  There are several soft-serve machine models used by franchisees. A machine breakdown has a major negative effect on the customer experience and sales.  The training related to the soft-serve machines was outdated and needed a re-fresh.  After a series of needs analysis calls, Restaurant Playbooks proposed a microlearning approach for shift leaders, managers, and owners.  The objective was to improve awareness and proactive maintenance, focusing on 3 key topics:

The opportunity: Ensure food safety, reduce maintenance costs, improve the customer experience, reduce complaints, and increase sales

The WIIFM: The specific outcomes that positively affect the training audience

Machine maintenance: An easy-to-implement process and schedule to ensure regular machine maintenance

The solution includes interactive microlearning modules, animations, videos, and checklists that utilized their LMS functionality.  We developed custom DQ-branded animations and videos using Vyond and Premier Pro, and microlearning with Storyline360.

Tammy Pieck
Project Manager
Global Curriculum & Training

"I appreciate the way you did the intake and then just the thoughtful analysis around what you thought could work and be a strong solution for us. You took time to learn about our business, sometimes I don't think people do that.

Dairy Queen is a little bit of a different animal, and I think sometimes people who have worked with other franchisees or franchise systems don't always understand or appreciate that about us. You really took the time to understand our complexities and intricacies and really applied that to the solution that you made for us.

The first time I watched the course, I'm like, this is awesome. Your animation work is great. You are always creative and change stuff up, to try to make it realistic".


Project 2: DQ Next Generation Lean Kitchens

As a result of a 2-year study focused on optimizing store footprints and production efficiencies, DQ is implementing a complete overhaul to the system.  Based on the Lean methodology, the changes affect all areas of the operation including the store footprint, equipment, work areas, crew positions, and roles.

As a result of a very successful Project 1 engagement, the DQ team chose the Restaurant Playbooks team to develop a change management/training program for deployment in 2023.

The training audience includes crew members, shift leaders, managers, and owners.   The solution includes interactive microlearning modules, animations, videos, and worksheets for coaching and support.   We developed custom DQ-branded animations and videos using Vyond and Premier Pro, and microlearning with Storyline360.

Specific details of the project are client confidential.  The project sponsors and stakeholders are willing to discuss the partnership and success metrics on request.

Tammy Olson
Global Curriculum & Training

"One of the things that I so appreciate about working with Restaurant Playbooks is that I never feel like you're recycling or regurgitating something from another client and trying to fit it into what we want to do.

You have a thoughtful way of really looking at what we need and what would work in our environment and with our population.
You're able to get us aligned on a concept and moving on that, and that's not always easy to do with this group.  So kudos for your management style. 

And you're just easy and fun to work with, so that's a bonus".