Fortune 500

> 153 Industry-leading organizations

> 6 of the top 10 global QSR brands

> eLearning strategy, development, and implementation

> Audiences: Leadership, management, and frontline employees

Developing eLearning, games, and simulations for global QSR brands. 

Restaurant Playbooks founder Bob Duprey developed his first computer-based training program for UK restaurants in 1996.  The program was designed to help waitstaff develop customer service and sales skills.

Bob then transitioned to the eLearning industry, working for two of the largest training providers in the UK (KnowledgePool) and US (Skillsoft) as a custom eLearning solutions consultant.

 At Skillsoft, Bob secured and supported major custom eLearning programs for 6 of the world’s leading QSR brands.   QSRs utilized games and immersive simulation environments to onboard employees and significantly reduce time to competence.

20 years of experience developing and delivering eLearning solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. 

Due to their market positions, working for these training providers offered a window of opportunity to develop eLearning solutions for 153 Fortune 500 companies.

Over 20 years, this equates to:

  • 500+ eLearning development and implementation projects
  • 2,000+ eLearning course hours
  • 1mm+ employees trained

Roughly 80% of the projects were focused on improving the skills and behaviors of frontline workers working in the hospitality, retail, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing sectors.

Liz Cannon
Manager Field Enablement
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

"I had the pleasure of working with Bob with my Field Enablement team at HPE Software. Bob was extremely proactive and helpful throughout this process. He possessed a complete and objective understanding of the full competitive landscape. Bob also shared in-depth knowledge of gamification and learning reinforcement theory, which was invaluable to our decision-making.

Ultimately, Bob won our business because he took the time to listen to and fully address our requirements, both technical and business. 

Working with Bob and his team was a great experience, he is a true professional."

Lance Mills
Project Manager
FedEx Freight

"Bob was instrumental in helping us succeed with our implementation. He was always focused on creating value not just making a sale. Bob is very knowledgeable in the E-learning space, and has a fantastic approach to the vendor/client relationship."

Mike Denomme
Director of Operations

"I worked with Bob during his time at Axonify. Bob is abundant with knowledge/experience of eLearning and gamification. He was very thorough in understanding business challenges and determining appropriate solutions to drive measurable business impact, with a focus on customer success after the solution has been implemented.

I would highly recommend Bob to any organization looking for a thought leader in the learning space and one that delivers on what is promised."

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