Aim to Serve

> ABC Permits, Nashville, TN

> Alcohol service certification

> California, Kentucky, Tennessee

> Audience: bartenders, managers, servers

Develop an online Alcohol Service Certification course.

Chris Phillips, CEO of ABC Permits and Aim to Serve, was offering 6.5-hour instructor-led courses in Tennessee for over 10 years.  When the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission changed the rules to allow online certification, Chris chose Restaurant Playbooks to convert the ILT course to a self-paced, asynchronous eLearning experience. 

The course had to adhere to TABC Online Server Training Guidelines, with a minimum seat time of 3.5 hours in order to certify servers and bartenders to serve liquor, wine, and beer.

The project included the development of custom videos, animations, graphics, and voiceovers. The course was developed in Articulate Rise.

AIM project2
Chis Phillips
Aim to Serve 

"I highly recommend Restaurant Playbooks for any of your digital education needs.  The state of Tennessee has high regulatory standards for alcohol service training.

These guys knocked it out of the park! Bob’s team was able to design and create a program that exceeded all standards and set us apart from our competition.  We look forward to our continued relationship for future projects."