Ford's Garage

> ICON Group, Tampa, FL

> Franchise FSR

> 25 locations with rapid growth

> Audience: managers, FOH team, new hires

Implementing Restaurant Playbooks' entire course library to support strategic growth objectives

Based on a conversation at CHART100 in Atlanta, Angelina asked to review the Restaurant Playbooks off-the-shelf courses.  Ford’s is experiencing record growth, and Angelina was exploring eLearning content that could support key business objectives.

  • Consistently deliver authentic hospitality
  • Ensure successful new restaurant openings
  • Establish Ford’s Garage as an employer of choice

Angelina reviewed every course in our library and will be rolling out our entire course catalog.  We have started with a phased rollout of the Onboarding Playbooks and FOH Sales Playbooks series of courses.

The phased program’s success metrics include:
  • Guest satisfaction data
  • Increased sales
  • Increased coaching touch-points between managers and team members
Primary Goals:
  • Establish baseline knowledge of Onboarding Playbook topics for new and existing team members
  • Develop FOH restaurant team members' knowledge and confidence to provide authentic hospitality
  • Develop managers to be effective coaches that implement well and improve engagement
Angelina Sabatini
Director, Training and Development
Ikon Restaurants 

"We always talk about the guest experience and having our guests leave as raving fans.  Restaurant Playbooks courses really play into those components of teaching our team members what we need them to understand.  Especially after covid, where people have been kind of order takers.  The courses are all about guiding the guest experience and salesmanship, which is really why I wanted to move forward with our partnership."

"I chose Restaurant Playbooks after reviewing all of their courses, and they are very robust.   When you look at the scope of off-the-shelf content and potential vendor partners, Restaurant Playbooks easily made the most sense for us."


Using our Implementation Playbook to deliver results

The courses we implemented delivered results. We are very excited about the fact that the training was so well received. Team members used it! They said the courses were easily digestible, with a lot of helpful information. When combined with coaching from the managers, we saw behavior changes.

Sales have remained strong. The Dearborn (pilot) location has achieved sales increases year over year during a period when sales typically fall due to seasonal changes.

Managers reported that they have improved the quality of their coaching conversations.