West Coast Pacific Fish House

> Pacific Catch, Santa Clara, CA

> Owner operator FSR

> 13 locations, West Coast

> Audience: managers, FOH team, new hires

OTS microlearning implementation 1: Keeping employees and guests safe during the pandemic

Pacific Catch's 13 restaurant locations are all in California and were impacted by strict COVID measures for extended periods.  To help keep their employees and guests safe, Jessica selected our Safe Service Playbooks series of 7 microlearning courses.

The courses were delivered to all restaurant employees and used to train over 1,300 employees.

Microlearning implementation 2: Deliver authentic hospitality

Pacific Catch's restaurant managers and teams were affected by the pandemic in the same way as other restaurants, causing multiple staffing challenges:

  • FOH team members returning to work after an extended furlough
  • Long-term team members left the company/industry
  • New hires, with no work/hospitality experience

In order to ensure guests experienced the level of service and hospitality they were accustomed to pre-pandemic, Jessica wanted to drive a renewed focus on delivering authentic hospitality. This included 're-skilling' seasoned employees, and developing new hires.

For Jessica, implementing our FOH Sales Playbooks was a no-brainer.  Jessica and her team reviewed all of the courses, and listed these reasons for investing in the program:

  • The content focus on delivering authentic hospitality closely matched the Pacific Catch culture and values
  • The instructional and media design quality
  • Employee engagement and feedback on the Safe Service courses
The audience

FOH managers and team members

The solution
  • FOH Sales Playbook series
  • 11 microlearning modules
  • Online sales impact planning tool
Jessica Napier
VP Human Resources
Pacific Catch

We first started using Restaurant Playbooks Covid courses for all of our team members. The courses were efficient and effective. I told my leadership team; This is what great eLearning looks like.

Fast forward, I connected with Bob and discussed our challenges.  After a review process, we decided the sales courses would be a great next step.

Bob and his team have been very hands-on to support the implementation.  They have a thorough process that is focused on supporting our strategic objectives and new location openings.