Ras Plant Based

> Ras Plant Based, New York, NY

> Independent FSR

> 2 Locations

> Audience: managers, culinary, and service teams

Project 1: Microlearning course development on Opus LXP: Hospitality and Service training

Chef Romeo, a James Beard Award semi finalist, and wife Milka are the dynamic duo, bringing high quality, plant based Ethiopian dishes to NYC.  With a plan to open up to 100 restaurants, Romeo strongly believes in providing a comprehensive training program to support rapid growth.

To enable the training program, Ras implemented the Opus Learning platform.  Romeo had filmed a series of training videos, and wanted help organizing the videos and creating interactive courses with questions and skills assessments, within Opus. 

We developed an efficient process that enabled a rapid turnaround at very low cost.  The project team includes a project manager, instructional designer, video editor, and QA reviewer.  The project involved reviewing and editing existing videos, then writing the text, questions, and interactions to build each course.  The courses were optimized for interactivity and engagement, utlizing the gamification elements in Opus.  

Project 2: Custom video development: Onboarding, Kitchen training, Cleaning procedures

Ras has developed scripts for onboarding, and training manuals for kitchen training, but did not have the training processes for cleaning documented.  The first step is our team reviewing the existing content, identifying gaps, and working with the Ras subject matter experts to build out development-ready content.  The next step is using the development-ready content to create new training videos with high-quality animations, live-action footage, and images.   The final step is creating the courses in Opus, using the process we fine-tuned on the first project. 

The audience

Managers and All current employees and new hires.

The solution
  • Custom graphics to replicate the restaurant kitchen and dining room for engaging scenarios
  • Vyond development and video post-production
  • Building courses in Opus
Romeo Regali
Chef / Owner
Ras Plant Based

"Restaurant Playbooks have been an invaluable resource in providing high-quality content and assisting us in structuring our materials efficiently on Opus.

We are super impressed with the work of Bob and his team and the dedication, creativity, and professionalism they bring to the table. The custom content they're crafting for RAS reflects a deep understanding of our needs and the industry at large.

Given the busy nature of the restaurant business, many operators might not possess the time or expertise to develop custom content. I believe there is immense potential for other restaurant operators to benefit from these services, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

We created multiple virtual environments, to closely match the restaurant dining and kitchen areas.  The environments help to make the real world scenarios engaging and relevant for the learners.