> Smashburger/Jollibee, Denver, CO

> Franchise CSR

> 335 Locations world-wide

> Audience: managers, guest service assistants, new hires

OTS microlearning implementation 1: Keeping employees and guests safe during the pandemic

As the pandemic took hold, the majority of Smashburger restaurants stayed open, rapidly adapting their business model to support the shift in trade from dine-in to take-out and delivery.

To help keep their employees and guests safe, Kelly evaluated the covid safety courses for implementation. As a result, Kelly chose our Safe Service series of 7 microlearning courses that included CDC guidelines and safe takeout and delivery service.

The courses were used to train all employees in every location that remained open.  Kelly has a process to evaluate employee satisfaction with the training provided by Smashburger corporate.  The feedback was consistently in the 4-5 star range.

Kelly and the employees rated our courses highly, so when they began piloting a new LMS, Kelly requested that additional Restaurant Playbooks courses be used during the pilot.

OTS microlearning implementation 2: Restaurant Safety, Training & Coaching, Shift Leader Playbook

As a result of positive manager and team member feedback on our COVID Safe Service courses and the LMS pilot, Smashburger is implementing 23 microlearning courses.

The audience

Managers and All current employees and new hires.

The solution
  • Restaurant Safety series
  • Training and coaching for managers and new trainers
  • Shift Leader Playbook for New Supervisors
Kelly S
Kelly Saunders
VP Learning & Culture

"The Restaurant Playbooks team is highly skilled at delivering efficient eLearning courses that are fun, easy to understand, and relatable to employees at any level. We have been working with several different Restaurant Playbook eLearning programs for over a year and have had nothing but positive end-user feedback.

The experience of working with Bob and his team is much more than delivering good course content. It is a true partnership that is focused on creating a training experience that may mold behavior and skills long after the learning event occurs.

I am thankful to have Restaurant Playbooks as a great partner and resource."