Custom eLearning Development

We partner with you to develop eLearning solutions that deliver results.


eLearning Consultancy Services

  • Organizational Learning Maturity Benchmark
  • eLearning Strategy Blueprint
  • Instructional Design
  • eLearning Storyboards
  • Video Scripts, Production, Post Production
  • Microlearning Development
  • LMS Implementation

Video and Microlearning 

To attract and retain the attention of your workforce, learning experiences must be immersive, fun, and engaging.

We have extensive experience using best-in-class development tools to develop dynamic learning experiences. Our instructional design approach is laser-focused on sustaining skills and behaviors to support measurable results.

Schedule a call to learn about our Instructional Design approach.

Restaurant Playbooks Gamified Learning

Pre and Post Production

Our learning experts offer pre-production Instructional Design support to collaborate with your team through the storyboarding and media planning phase.

We provide post-production editing and finishing for as separate learning assets, or for incorporation into the microlearning content.

dairy queen
Dairy Queen
Custom videos and microlearning

We delivered two mission-critical custom microlearning projects. Soft-Serve Machine Maintenance and Next-Generation Lean Kitchens.

The courses are available to 7,000+ franchisees in the global DQ system. 

Impossible Foods
Custom and tailored videos and microlearning

We customized our off-the-shelf courses and developed custom microlearning and videos to improve FOH manager and team knowledge, confidence, and behaviors related to offering Impossible™ plant-based products.

Training assets are available to 50,000+ Impossible restaurant operators and every major grocery retailer where their products are available.

Scooter's Coffee
Custom videos and animations

We are developing a series of custom videos to help baristas and managers deliver #Awesome customer experiences and coffee.

Project goals include ensuring consistent quality, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing sales.

More details coming soon!

Put Rocket Fuel in Your LMS 🚀

About Us

We are a virtual team of Restaurant Ops and Learning & Development pro's with extensive experience developing and implementing eLearning solutions that deliver measurable business results. We have immense respect for restaurant and hotel operators, managers, and team members that strive to deliver outstanding food, service, and hospitality.

Our Services

We develop training videos, microlearning, and games to help restaurant and hotel operators win the war for talent and attract, develop, and retain Hospitality All-Stars.

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