De-escalating Difficult Guest Situations


Restaurant managers, supervisors, servers, bartenders, hosts, cooks, expediters, and all front of house and back of house team members.

Course Overview

The De-escalating Difficult Guest Situations course explains how to do what is necessary to de-escalate a difficult situation with an angry or frustrated restaurant customer or guest. You will learn real world examples of techniques that can be used to address difficult and awkward customers. After completing the course, you will be able to confidently and consistently de-escalate difficult customer situations including threats or aggressive behavior toward an employee or another customer.

Course Objectives

Describe techniques to de-escalate difficult customer situations

Identify steps to safely manage customers with threatening or aggressive behaviors

List key warning signs to be aware of

Course Features

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Bloom’s Levels

Video Coaches, Animations

SCORM, xAPI, Closed Captions