Are you evaluating the quality and potential effectiveness of off-the-shelf microlearning courses?  

Here are key factors to consider:  

Culture- Does the tone and terminology support your company culture and vision?

Business need- Does the topic address a known business issue or strategic focus?

Subject Matter/Content- Is the subject matter relevant and is the content succinct?

Knowledge, skills, behaviors- Can the content positively impact these elements?

Audience- Is the content appropriate for the intended learners?

Instructional Design- Does the course follow proven Instructional Design approaches?

Duration- Is the course delivered in easy to consume and retain ‘bite-sized chunks’?

Media Design- Will the media design grab and keep the attention of the audience?

Deployment methods- Is the course primarily designed for mobile or desktop?

ROI/ROE metrics- Are all of the above factors incorporated in a way that supports the validation of ROI/ROE?



Lights...Camera...a few words about media design

As an L&D leader, you and your team are in the best position to evaluate all of the above factors, except maybe one; Media Design. 

Why? Because it is a sensory element that can often be affected by the personal tastes or biases of the individual experiencing the content (you and your team).  


The AUDIENCE always comes first

As a restaurant operator, your employees are modern learners, with very short attention spans.  Yes, the content and instructional design must be on point, but the media approach must grab and keep the AUDIENCE’S attention first and foremost.

Do you have persona(s) for the audience and a data-driven approach to engaging the audience?



Mixing it up...for learning engagement and retention 

Our microlearning courses use a mix of media approaches, including high-quality images, voiceover, video, and animations- with the primary purpose of maximizing learning engagement.  Our media design approach is based on our team's extensive experience implementing effective eLearning programs, plus proven data and research on best practices for optimizing learning comprehension and retention.   


Let your AUDIENCE decide

If the media design ‘fit’ is a sticky point in your evaluation process, an important step will be to TRIAL, TEST, and COMPARE with the intended audience, using learner surveys and engagement metrics.  You can then use the data gathered from your audience inputs to validate which eLearning vendors' microlearning courses are engaging for your employees.

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Evaluate our courses on your LMS 

Take advantage of our no-strings-attached offer and let your employees be part of the evaluation process.  Please schedule a call if you’d like to learn more.  

We value your feedback, let's talk!

If you would like to share your ideas, experience, or questions about microlearning course evaluation, please feel free to schedule a call.  Your feedback and insights will help us to better serve you and all of our restaurant training colleagues.

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