The FOH Sales Playbooks system will help you turn order takers into confident sales pros!

A comprehensive training toolkit with everything you need to get started immediately!




Be the hero in your restaurant business!

for Managers

  1. Implement the sales training program
  2. Create, incentivize, and manage sales goals
  3. Develop and coach a sales team
  4. Product knowledge and descriptions
  5. Persona development
  6. Training and coaching consultancy skills

for FOH Team

  1. Hospitality
  2. Product knowledge -advanced
  3. Sales consultancy skills
  4. Recognizing personas
  5. Team selling

Customizable templates

The templates are available on the Hospitality Hub, so you can quickly search and download the templates you need.  The templates are provided in MS Word so you can customize with Word or Google docs.

  1. Checklists
  2. Job Descriptions
  3. Quizzes
  4. Service Standards
  5. Success Roadmaps
  6. Worksheets and exercises

Online courses

2 bite-sized, interactive training courses.  Each course includes pre and post quizzes, so you can track progress.  The courses contain customizable break-out exercises and worksheets, with video tutorials, so you can apply the information to your restaurant.  The courses are fully SCORM and xAPI compliant for delivery on your LMS.

Video tutorials

Video coaches provide both guidance and support. 


Skillbuilding games and scenarios 

Training and development is not an event, it's a process.  Most eLearning and training providers offer static courses.  If a learner wants to build their knowledge, they have to take the same course over and over again.  We believe that is an inadequate and ineffective training approach. That's why we provide ongoing reinforcement with fresh content, on a regular basis.  We provide highly engaging games and realistic scenarios so employees can practice and build on what they've learned on an ongoing basis, in a safe environment, instead of practicing with your guests.  

Success Roadmap

The Playbooks include easy-to-follow, fully customizable templates for identifying key areas to focus your efforts. Our online coaches provide guidance on implementing the roadmaps. 


Training & ROI Implementation Playbook

24/7 access to video tutorials and customizable to support your training program.  We provide comprehensive training strategy and program implementation support to ensure your training program delivers results.  Access to the information you need is at your fingertips, within seconds.  


Training and development is not an event, it's a process.  Live and recorded webinars provide an opportunity for managers to share best practices and learn ways to improve sales.  The webinar recordings can be viewed on the Hospitality Hub.


Our Services

We develop training toolkits and online learning courses to help restaurant and hotel owner/operators and managers deliver outstanding service and hospitality experiences, increase sales and repeat business.

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