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Be the hero in your restaurant business!

The Hospitality Playbooks system and framework is a foundation for developing and supporting a hospitality focussed culture, working environment, and leadership.  

Creating and supporting an environment where hospitality can thrive.


How to attract and hire potential 'A' Players, including Job Descriptions, social media ads, screening and interview questions.

The systems and process for engaging new hires, including checklists, training timelines, behavior observations, and coaching topics.


A guide for effectively training and coaching team members. Includes templates and examples of coaching conversations.

How to plan and deliver effective Pre-Shift meetings, including a comprehensive selection of guest personas, skill-building exercises, and role play scenarios.


The Hospitality Framework is a foundation for developing and supporting a hospitality focussed culture, working environment, and leadership. When combined with the way you hire, develop, and support your team, the framework will help to improve the consistency of your guest experiences, guest loyalty, and reputation of your restaurant.

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Manager Playbook Courses

  1. Developing a Hospitality Culture and Manager mindset
  2. Recruiting quality talent
  3. Onboarding for success
  4. Training & Coaching skills
  5. Effective Pre-Shift meetings

Manager Playbooks include 5 online courses that teach managers about the hospitality framework. The courses include video coaches, customizable tools, and templates that help managers to apply what they learn in the courses, to their specific restaurant. 

For details about each course, click on the topics buttons.

Customizable templates

The templates are available on the Hospitality Hub, so you can quickly search and download the templates you need.  The templates are provided in MS Word so you can customize with Word or Google docs.

  1. Fully customizable
  2. Success Roadmaps
  3. SOP's and Service Standards
  4. Worksheets and exercises
  5. Quizzes
  6. Checklists
  7. Job Descriptions

Online courses

5 bite-sized, interactive training courses to help you implement the Hospitality Framework and Processes.  Available 24/7, 365 🙂   Each course includes pre and post quizzes, so you can track manager progress.  The courses contain customizable break-out exercises and worksheets, with video tutorials, so you can apply the information to your restaurant.  Complete tracking and course admin is available via a Learning Management System (LMS).  Our courses are fully SCORM and xAPI compliant and can also be hosted on your LMS.

Video tutorials

Video coaches provide both guidance and support for you. The video tutorials are embedded in each course, and are also available via search on the Hospitality Hub.  Managers can search for and access very specific information within seconds, where they need it, without having to re-take the course.


Skillbuilding games and scenarios 

Training and development is not an event, it's a process.  Most eLearning and training providers offer static courses.  If a learner wants to build their knowledge, they have to take the same course over and over again.  We believe that is an inadequate and ineffective training approach. That's why we provide ongoing reinforcement with fresh content, on a monthly basis.  We provide highly engaging games and realistic scenarios so managers can practice and build on what they've learned on an ongoing basis, in a safe environment, instead of practicing with your guests.  

Success Roadmaps

Every Playbook includes easy to follow, fully customizable templates for identifying key areas to focus your efforts. Our online coaches provide guidance on implementing the roadmaps. Our live coaching calls check in on progress with the process.


Our comprehensive Hospitality Playbooks will help you deliver…

Better Communication and Teamwork

When employees understand their role and performance expectations, they are more prepared, confident, and motivated to exceed expectations


Consistent training and accountability leads to a consistent guest experience

A Higher Standard of Service

Clearly outlined service standards provide the foundation that helps every member of your team deliver consistent food and beverage service, every shift-everyday 

Guest Satisfaction

Happy guests + Positive reviews = Increased repeat business and sales

Increased Check Averages

Hospitality All Stars recognize opportunities to make thoughtful suggestions and recommendations

Our Services

We develop playbooks and online learning courses to help restaurant and hotel owner/operators and managers deliver outstanding service and hospitality experiences, and improve social reviews.

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