Custom Microlearning Development

Do you have a mission-critical project that requires your employees to develop new skills, knowledge, or behaviors?

We'll partner with you to develop a custom eLearning solution that achieves results for your business.

We support clients in 3 ways.

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1. End-to-end projects

Whether you are a team of one or your team is stretched to the max, we excel at helping clients that have a real business need but do not have the resources to make it happen within the required time frame. 

Typical activities include:

  • Perform needs analysis
  • Determine the instructional and media design strategy
  • Create outlines and storyboards
  • Write video and voiceover scripts
  • Develop video and microlearning assets
  • Implement and optimize the LMS 

2. Hybrid team development 

This approach works well when the client has limited time and resources, but has a clear design and development strategy, and may have an outline or storyboard ready for development.

Other factors may be limited resources with beginner or intermediate skills when the project requires expert skills.  

Restaurant Playbooks Gamified Learning

3. AI tools and processes

Our development team has been using emerging AI tools for eLearning development since 2019.  We continue to experiment at the bleeding edge of this rapidly evolving tech. 

We can help L&D leadership and teams ramp up with tested tools and frameworks that can be used to improve efficiencies and streamline eLearning development. 

Please schedule a call for details.

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