Restaurant Safety

The Compliance Playbooks 'Restaurant Safety' series for managers and team members offers 10 microlearning courses to keep your teams and guests safe.

The courses are appropriate for Quick, Limited, and Full-Service restaurants.


Courses Available with English and Spanish Closed Captions


Active Shooter Preparedness

The 12-minute Active Shooter Preparedness course explains what having an active shooter situation means, how to make yourself aware of situations that could prompt an active shooter situation, and how to prepare for this scenario. Most importantly, you will learn how to respond in an active shooter scenario.

Bloodborne Pathogens

The 7-minute Bloodborne Pathogens course describes how to define different types of bloodborne pathogens, how they spread, how to protect yourself from exposure, and what to do if you have been exposed.


De-escalating Difficult Situations

The 9-minute De-escalating Difficult Situations (Guests) course explains how to do what is necessary to de-escalate a difficult situation with an angry or frustrated guest. The course includes real-world examples of scenarios and techniques that can be used to address difficult and awkward situations.

Fire Safety

The 11-minute Fire Safety course explores the causes of most restaurant fires and how to prevent them.  The course covers restaurant-specific fire safety basics to keep team members and guests safe. 


Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

The 7- minute Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals course explains the purpose of GHS, Safety Data Sheets, and various types of hazards caused by chemicals a restaurant employee may be exposed to. The course covers how to find, identify, and store chemicals properly to prevent accidental exposure.


The 8-minute Lockout/Tagout course explores why having a Lockout/Tagout program is important, explains the terminology used, and how to use OSHA standards for implementing a Lockout/Tagout program.


Preventing Cuts and Burns

The 9-minute Cuts and Burns course explores the causes of most cuts and burns. Employees will learn how to be aware of factors that cause cuts and burn accidents and ways to minimize the risk of injury due to these factors.

Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

The 7-minute Slips, Trips, and Falls course explores the causes of most restaurant slips, trips, and falls, how to identify hazards that cause these events, how to control those hazards, and how to minimize slips, trips, and falls from happening in the future.


Restaurant Security

The 13-minute Restaurant Security course explores the different types of restaurant security needed to provide a secure and safe workplace. Employees will learn how to minimize restaurant security incidents from happening, and how to deal with and report an incident.

Safe Lifting and Carrying

The 6-minute lifting and Carrying course explores ways to prevent injuries from lifting heavy items. Employees will learn safe lifting and carrying techniques.