Kelly S

Kelly Saunders


The Restaurant Playbooks team is highly skilled at delivering efficient eLearning courses that are fun, easy to understand, and relatable to employees at any level. We have been working with several different Restaurant Playbook eLearning programs for over a year and have had nothing but positive end-user feedback.

Angelina Sabatini

Ford’s Garage

We always talk about the guest experience and having our guests leave as raving fans.  Restaurant Playbooks courses really play into those components of teaching our team members what we need them to understand.  Especially after covid, where people have been kind of order takers.  The courses are all about guiding the guest experience and salesmanship, which is really why I wanted to move forward with our partnership.

Tammy Pieck

Dairy Queen

I appreciate the way you did the intake and then just the thoughtful analysis around what you thought could work and be a strong solution for us. You took time to learn about our business, sometimes I don't think people do that.

Tammy Olson

Dairy Queen

One of the things that I so appreciate about working with Restaurant Playbooks is that I never feel like you're recycling or regurgitating something from another client and trying to fit it into what we want to do.

Leanne Farley

Leanne Farley

Bottleneck Management

We started using Restaurant Playbooks COVID Safe Service courses in June 2020. The courses are short, engaging, and work great on mobile. We surveyed managers and team members, and the NPS score for the courses is 4.85.